Korean Men Stoped By Netherlands

Photo: Rabobank World Cup Hockey Website

Photo: Rabobank World Cup Hockey Website


Korea was very close to victory but a last minute goal from Robbert Kempermann made the difference. Playing wonderful game Korean men tried hard to reach to victory; perhaps their game play wasn’t good enough to go over Netherlands.

The crowd came at good numbers to support their home team and surely their home didn’t disappoint them at all. With a thunder shot at goal where Netherlands keeper Jaap Stockman had no chance to stop, Nam Hyunwoo (4′) put ahead Korea from a penalty corner. But the home team Netherlands put Korean defenders in tension with numerous penetrations. Billy Bakker’s cracking attempt was denied by the Korean keeper. But the equalizer came from Jeroen Hertzberger (21′) when he got the ball that came deflecting from keeper’s save and he their made no mistake. The rest of the half continued with back to back attacks at each others goal trying both the teams hard to find a way to go ahead.

However, the second half went on at the same way as it were in the first half, teams penetrating at each others half’s. Korean men surely showed that they have the guts to challenge any team and they are not subject of negligence. Home team Netherlands created great chances and beautiful attacks throughout the match. At the last minutes when Kempermann clinched their victory Korean men’s hope were all drowned. Korea lost to Netherlands. Netherlands have got six points from two games and Korea is still searching for their first point.




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