Inside Rabobank World Cup Hockey 2014


With less than half a month remaining I take you to a closer look to Hague, Netherlands where Rabobank World Cup Hockey 2014 is going to take place.



Only hosting the World Cup Netherlands didn’t finish their job. They’ve done a lot more to make the event more colorful. The main venue, where almost all the matches are going to take place, Kyocera Stadium has just transformed from a football pitch to a hockey ground. Kyocera Stadium will be the centre of all activity throughout the event. 15,000 spectators can watch the live action at a time at the stadium premises. The stadium offers 4 business clubs and 40 luxurious business units providing extensive hospitality possibilities. Just beside the Kyocera Stadium there is the secondary venue Green fields Stadium where some of other matches will take place too.


Let’s now talk about the Hockey Park. Surrounding the stadium the Hockey Park offer’s a spectacular arrangement. You can go shopping, let your kids play in the kid’s zone, if you are a food lover you can have all the fresh and natural foods prepared at La Place. The company only uses natural ingredients to serve fresh food. There will be big giant screens outside the stadium to ensure that you don’t miss any live action happening inside the stadium.


There’s also a music lounge where you can relax, have a drink and listen to the music, having a look to international news on one of the international newspapers. The Music lounge is basically a place to chill. You can play a game of chase, enjoy live performances by DJ and there is many more.

You can get surprised to find a big Greenhouse right next the stadium! Westland Greenhouse is a key project by Dutch Hockey Association established by the help of Westland Marketing Foundation and the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to stimulate healthy eating.


You’ve come with you friends but what about your children? Don’t worry; you can let your kids play in the kid’s corner where there is a great arrangement for them. There will be small pitches to play hockey where they can enjoy themselves and can dream about becoming the next hockey star. Kids Corner is organized by Dutch Hockey Association in cooperation with SWK Group, a leading Dutch daycare and community event organizing company where they will arrange workshop for the future stars.


In conclusion it can be said that in the biggest event of the hockey world there is also a big arrangement for the spectators not only from home but also from abroad who can really enjoy themselves and spend the time having great fun.Image


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