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Pumping Up The Beat: warm up tournament for Rabobank World Cup Hockey 2014

Both the Belgium men and Australian women enjoyed the taste of victory participating in four nation’s preparation tournament ahead of World Cup.

Belgium had great days beating world rivals Netherlands 2-1, England 3-2 and drew 2-2 with Germany at Düsseldorf. They’re surely giving the tension to other teams that Read the rest of this entry


World Cup Review: Team England

Image Read the rest of this entry

Inside Rabobank World Cup Hockey 2014


With less than half a month remaining I take you to a closer look to Hague, Netherlands where Rabobank World Cup Hockey 2014 is going to take place. Read the rest of this entry

Problems May Grew Up In Black Sticks Team


Belgium’s coach Mark Lammers may have a bit of a problem due to the players six-week long domestic season. The player’s are tired right now but head coach Mark Lammers said they have been using modern technology’s to keep up team’s performance. Mark is expecting to the players that they will play according to the team’s tactics and will not play with the clubs strategy which they played.
Mark is telling that there will be a surprise as they’ve got a young team which can deliver great things to watch at any time. He asked the people to be ready for any surprise.
Talking about the World Cup expectation he said the team has never won a trophy before, so they will be hungry to win. He also said it will be disappointing if they don’t win any medal.